shoeExperience, professionalism and integrity have earned Vertical Source itsJACKET reputation as a leading consumer goods sourcing company. Through a growing network of suppliers in more than 25 economies, we strive to find quality-conscious, cost-effective manufacturers to match the production needs of customers around the world.

This global framework enables Vertical Source to create tailored sourcing options to meet customers’ specific requirements. Dedicated global teams of product specialists focus on each customer segment and leverage their close ties with suppliers to offer insider knowledge that helps customers make informed buying decisions.

Our sourcing business covers a wide range of consumer products, from softgoods (garments and apparel) to hardgoods (non-apparel products including sporting goods & footwear).  With our comprehensive product design and development capabilities, Vertical Source provides customers with the highest standards of service by taking a project all the way from concept to completion.

Vertical Source’s matrix of factories offers complete level of comfort to our customers. Each factory is evaluated based on its strong level of quality and professionalism. Vertical Source utilizes local staff to personally supervise activity on the manufacturing floor to ensure all aspects of Quality Control Compliance.