Vertical Source delivers services in design, textile development and manufacturing to brands around the world. As a trusted resource Vertical Source has developed lasting relationships with its clients based upon performance. While Vertical Source is capable of virtually every step of product lifecycle management, our expertise is renowned in Design, Textiles and Manufacturing. Explore our capabilities here, then reach out to us with your specific needs. We are ready to assist.



Design defines a brand’s personality. Good design is often invisible. Great products are the result of good designs.

The design team at Vertical Source strives to create great products daily. Clients appreciate the innovative and creative thinking that goes into our designs. We take the time to listen. We understand the big picture. With our clients’ requirements in mind we work to turn those goals into reality.

As a global company we leverage our market experience, manufacturing advancements, international trend and trade show exposure as well as exposure to textile innovations to contribute to the Vertical Source design presentation.

We approach your design challenge with a balance of creativity and functionality. The result is the creation of a line or collection best representing your brand to your target audience.

Great product begins with well thought out design. The design team at Vertical Source initiates every project with that in mind.


Innovation is at the core Vertical Source’s approach to developing and sourcing textiles. For nearly 20 years our leadership team has fostered relationships with fiber and yarn manufacturers, mills and finishers – both in the U.S.A. and abroad. Our reputation for creative innovation in performance and functional textiles is recognized as unique among our peers.

Vertical Source is the industry’s driving force in performance textile development. We rely on our understanding of consumer interests, supply chain innovations and brand requirements to deliver true advancements in textiles.

Season after season Vertical Source travels extensively around the globe seeking out those in the textile supply chain who are leading the way in innovation, performance and sustainability. Our dedication to textile innovation is unmistakable. Our dedication has paid off for our clients. We consider that our measurement of success.


Through a network of manufacturers in more than 25 countries Vertical Source tailors production options to each client’s requirements. Dedicated teams of product specialists focus on brand sectors, leveraging their expertise to make decisions about where to place production.

Our matrix of factories offers clients options. Each factory is evaluated and then rated – based metrics of quality, efficiency and working conditions. Vertical Source utilizes local staff to supervise activity on the manufacturing floor to ensure all aspects of Quality Control Compliance. Before we deliver our clients’ products we deliver confidence in quality, price and timeliness.

Our sourcing business covers a wide range of products, from soft goods (garments and apparel) to hardgoods (non-apparel products including sporting goods & footwear). Every day Vertical Source puts its global network to work for our clients.