The Alaska Medium Shelter System is engineered and designed for versatility. The Alaska Medium Shelter System offers outstanding protection for personnel, supplies and equipment as a standalone structure or as part of a camp system.

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It provides rapid setup and strike capabilities for a wide range of military applications, including:

  • Billeting Camps / Sleeping Quarters
  • Vehicle & Equipment Storage / Maintenance & Repair Facilities
  • MRW Facilities
  • Classroom Facilities
  • Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration (RSOI) Maintenance & Storage Facilities
  • Dining Facilities (DFACs)
  • UAV Hangars / TUAV Hangars


Dimensions: At 30’ wide, it comes standard in lengths from 32.5’ to 65’. Custom lengths are available to fulfill any mission capability. Employs a single arch, powder coated lightweight aluminum frame system to create an unobstructed interior with a 15’ peak, allowing for maximum use of interior and floor space

Color: Sand


A Self-Contained Military Shelter Transport System, The Alaska Xterra™ is a mil-spec trailer-based transportation system for the rapid deployment of Alaska Structures® (Alaska) XP Shelter Systems. Designed specifically for secondary or unimproved roads, as mandated by the Military Transport Management Command (MTMC) and HMMWV towable – the Alaska Xterra™ is able to advance ground forces to remote locations, provide power, environmental controls, and shelter troops and sensitive equipment from severe conditions.

The Alaska Xterra™ can be equipped with a trailer-mounted generator, trailer-mounted Alaska ECU™ (environmental control unit), optional fuel tank, and Alaska XP Shelter System™. A removable cargo cover and removable rails provide easy loading and unloading of the stowed shelter system. All connections are plug-and-play. Rear leveling jacks, adjustable tow hitch stand, and brakes allow the trailer to be detached and operational on uneven surfaces. The entire system can be setup and operational in as little as 15 minutes.

The Alaska Xterra™ is capable of roll-on/roll-off for C-130, C-141, C-5 and C-17 airlift. All metal components of the Alaska Xterra™ are powder-coated for added protection.


Choose from three (3) Alaska Xterra™ models:
AK-XT (Available in 50Hz or 60Hz)

LTT-FE Trailer (HMMWV Towable)
2.5-Ton Alaska ECU™
12kW Prime Power, Tier 4a Diesel Generator
113.56-litre (30-gallon) Generator Fuel Tank
Cargo area with removable end and side railings
Vinyl cover for entire trailer system
AK-XT5 (Available in 50Hz or 60Hz)

MIL-SPEC LTT-FE Trailer (HMMWV Towable)
5-Ton Alaska ECU™
25kW Prime Power, Tier 4a Diesel Generator
113.56-litre (30-gallon) Generator Fuel Tank
Cargo area with removable end and side railings
Vinyl cover for entire trailer system

LTT-FE Trailer (HMMWV Towable)
Cargo area with removable end and side railings
Vinyl cover for entire trailer system


Alaska engineers and manufactures an entire line of rugged mil-spec environmental control units (ECUs). The Alaska ECU™ was designed specifically for military applications to provide an unmatched level of troop comfort in expeditionary environments requiring heating or air conditioning. Whether it is extreme temperatures, high humidity, dust, dirt, corrosive chemicals, or other airborne particulates – the Alaska ECU outperforms and outlasts all other “off-the-shelf” heating and cooling systems.

Since 2003, more than 17,000 Alaska ECUs™ have been deployed and used by U.S. and Coalition Forces in military operations around the world. No other HVAC or ECU system comes close to matching the proven performance and combat tested capability of the Alaska ECU™.


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Alaska ECUs™ integrate seamlessly to any Alaska shelter system and are used to support of a large number of military applications, including:

Base Camps / Forward Operating Bases (FOB) / Forward Operating Response Camps (FOR-C)
Command and Control Centers / Command Posts / Tactical Operation Centers
Billeting Camps / Sleeping Quarters
Medical Shelters / Mobile Field Hospitals
Aircraft Hangars / Vehicle & Equipment Storage / Maintenance & Repair Facilities
Warehousing / Dry- or Temperature Controlled Storage
When temperatures drop or soar to life threatening levels in extreme environments, the Alaska ECU™ will remain operational. Having been independently tested and certified, the Alaska ECU™ is designed to remain fully functional in temperatures as low as -55˚F and capable of enduring temperatures up to +132˚F. Save energy and drastically reduce fuel consumption by equipping any Alaska Shelter system and Alaska ECU™ with our proprietary insulation or Solar Fly systems.

Every AKS ECU™ carries a 5-year warranty and is stackable on a 436L pallet without the use of wood crates.


Alaska ECUs™ are 100% made in the USA using the highest quality materials. Every Alaska ECU™ aluminum cabinet is powder coated (inside and outside) and available in the following field-tested sizes and models:

2.5-Ton ECU
2.5-Ton Constant Run ECU
3-Ton ECU
5-Ton ECU
5-Ton Split System ECU
5-Ton Digital ECU
5-Ton Constant Run ECU
6-Ton ECU
10-Ton ECU

AKS ECUs™ are available with US-version components (3-ph, 208V, 60Hz) and EU-version components (3-Ph, 230/400V, 50Hz). Alaska ECUs™ come in many different colors including tan, green, blue and white. Each ECU is certified for UL1995 requirements and has CSA C22.2 No. 236-05 certification.